Developing complete and personalized solutions, taking into account the esthetic-functional factors of design and architecture and the valorization and commercialization of institutional, commercial and housing spaces the Korisana Group has always guided its own work by singularity and personalization.

Owner of an internal structure capable of developing unique and innovative solutions, in 2010 the Korisana Group started an Individual R&D project for a new solution in the construction field. In this context the company Korisana developed its latest own brand Easykasa, representing an innovative construction system in polyvinyl chloride profiles, patented and certified by ITECONS for the execution of modular constructions.

With great structural, thermal and acoustic resistence, it has proved to be an innovative, functional, economic and ecological solution for the construction market.

The system of pluggable modules ensures agility in the construction process, reducing the environmental impact inherent to the construction processes, the costs and the average time of conclusion of the work.

EASYKASA a project for everyone!






The development of EASYKASA comes after an assessment of needs in the civil construction market where there was a lack of effective, aesthetic and optimal quality/price ratio construction methods.

This analysis led to the development and production of an innovative and patented quick fitting PVC construction solution at low cost.

From this concept we have created standardized models in order to optimize products and processes along.

However, its versatility and thermal resistance, allow the adaptation of any project to the needs and requirements of each client anywhere in the world.




Structured PVC profile, fast fitting, “male-female” type, allows attaching parts in the same plane or forming corners. The geometry of the profiles was studied in detail to allow an easy connection between them and to allow the placement of infrastructures inside them without harming the resistence of the monolithic set.

The foundation of the house consists of a continuous beam in reinforced concrete, where a resistant PVC profile with “U” shape is applied, where the PVC profiles of the walls are fitted, solidified with each other by fitting.

The wind is a conditioning factor for the construction system, due to its low weight. To counteract the suction it exerts on the roof and the pressure on the walls, these are anchored to the foundations by means of ties fixed at the base.





Aware that civil construction is currently one of the sectors of economic activity with the greatest environmental impact, EASYKASA believes that within the scope of the social responsibility of companies operating in the sector, it is crucial that each one contributes, at its own scale, to minimize the negative impacts of the activity in the various phases of constructin.

In this context, we consider that the construtive system developed presents a set of advantages over the traditional materials and modular prefabrication solutions, namely regarding production and installation costs, the respective environmentalcause and the speed of the constructive process, since the PVC profiles developed are easy to assemble and can be reused and recycled.






Easy Transport


Fire resistence

Easy Clean

Resistence to temperature ranges

UV resistence

Thermal and acustic insulation

Moisture resistence

Seismic resistence

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