The Korisana Group is today one of the national leaders in the 

construction, furniture and decoration.


Founded in 2000, based in Anadia.

The Group is the result of an alliance between several companies.
With this strategy, the company created a team supported by skilled and dedicated professionals, thus gaining the ability and competence to always find the ideal solution for its customer with the best quality and economy. 
The Korisana Group is nowadays a reference in the sector where it belongs, with different projects carried out throughout the country, whose principles are based on a relationship of trust with the client, in quality, style and innovative design.


Jorge Nogueira

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Dora Santos

Finance Department

Fausto Oliveira

Legal Department

Nuno Carvalho

Departamento Financeiro

Daniela Melo

Architecture / Design

Nuno Dias

Architecture / Design

Maria Arroja

Architecture / Design

Angela Blanco

Architecture / Design

Geta Medintu

COO Chief Operating Officer

Vitor Gomes

Chief of Building Works

Nuno Oliveira

Finishing and Paintings

Rui Moita

Chief of Carpentry

Josemar Almeida


Paulo Santos

Buildings / Remodeling / Painting

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