Bakery-Pastry Superguarda


Bringing together five concepts – Bakery, Pastry Shop, Pizzeria, Chocolaterie, and Ice Cream Shop – in one unique space was the challenge set for this project.

Despite being located in a commercial gallery, the products sold are made on-site and in a traditional manner. Therefore, a cozy space with warm and comfortable colors is intended, reminiscent of homemade manufacturing.

This project posed a highly challenging implementation at the level of production machinery, handled by Ferneto, display showcases, handled by Aveirotel, software and video surveillance, handled by SelectVigi HAVAC handled by VIV – Soluções Globais , fire safety handled by Trablisa Integrated Security.

With the project development and construction handled by Grupo Korisana , we congratulate all those involved in this great project and thanks SuperGuarda once again for giving us this fantastic opportunity to execute it.

Project – Angela Blanco, Nuno Dias, Daniela Melo

Design and 3D images – Angela Blanco

Decoration and Coatings Design – Maria Arroja

Construction Coordination – Nuno Dias

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