Do Capador Restaurant

Aguada de Cima

This restaurant is quite popular in the center region for its speciality of Leitão à Bairrada, counts with two dining rooms on different floors.

The room that counted with the intervention of Korisana’s , located on the lower floor of the parking lot, is mostly used for events. The purpose of the remodeling was to change a little the decoration of the space, creating a more welcoming environment.

The main alteration takes place in the living area, next to the fireplace, where the wall covering was completed with the same material already existing in some points, to homogenize the wall. A structure with wooden beams and pillars was created, which at the same time delimits the living area and creates a partition for the entrance area of the toilets and kitchen. The space was completed with lamps that transmit an ambience of glamour and refinement.

In the opposite corner of the room, and following the same idea as the wooden pillars, the existing pillars were covered and a lath work style covering was created which allowed us to disguise an access only allowed to the employees.

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