Dom Ferraz Restaurant


Located in the heart of Bairrada, in the middle of the National Road, the Dom Ferraz Restaurant is known for its specialty Sea and Land that brings lots of fans to the place every day.

Consequently, the need for a bigger restaurant space to serve more customers was created. The purpose was to remove the existing counter, which created a barrier between the living room and the kitchen, and create a new support cup in an uncharacterized space next to the kitchen, specially remodeled for this purpose. This enlargement also allowed the creation of a toilet for people with limited mobility, whose lack was felt in the establishment.

Following the tones and materials already existing in the restaurant, at the entrance a service counter was placed and in the space of the old counter came the enlargement of the dining area. This last one has a new counter of support payment and a new wall covering in cork, allusive to the wine region in which it is located, which we used to materialize the name of the Restaurant engraved by laser, whose image was also renewed.

Following also the customer’s wish to make the upper room more private, a system of rotating blades in oak wood was created. This material was also used to create a new wainscot and served as the basis for the choice of the new floor of this room.

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