Self Service Intermarche

Nowadays, with the hectic life many people have, self-service restaurants are an excellent option, as they offer a fast and economical meal.

Although the time the customer spends in this type of space is very reduced, we wanted them to have a good experience and for that we created a colorful, modern and above all comfortable environment.

The dining area was divided into 4 spaces, characterized by different colors and delimited by flowers, elements that seek to simulate an almost natural environment, through artificial flowers.
At the entrance we found a comfortable waiting area and some toilets were specially created to meet the needs of customers who use the space.

We chose to paint the existing ceiling and walls black, emphasizing the ground level of the restaurant. In the same way the wainscot, executed in the same material of the floor and indirectly illuminated with led tape, creates a horizontal band that emphasizes the longitudinal character of the space.

On the walls we can find allusive images of churches in the District of Guarda, which complete the regional character of the restaurant and assign color to the neutral wall.

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